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Galleria Ars Libera, Kuopio, 2020.

IMG_1198 Kopie.jpg

Paradies (nach Lucas Cranach d. Ä.) (Paradise (after Lucas Cranach the Elder))

I made an image of myself in paradise.

Paper, toner, acrylic paint, acrylic medium, gesso, colour pencil, graphite, tape, glue, cotton duck. 81,5 cm x 112 cm. Wood frame, museum glass. 126 cm x 96 cm x 6 cm. 2019.


Stamm (Stem)

I made an image of a loop in a tree.

Gelatin Silver Prints, HDF, glue, tape. 180 cm x 180 cm x 138 cm. 2019.


Krater (Crater)

I made an image of a piece of soap.

Paper, toner, watercolour, graphite, ink, gesso, tape, glue, cotton duck, iron. 145 cm x 250 cm x  98 cm. 2020.

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