Baustelle (Construction Site) | Glashaus (Greenhouse) | Bank (Bench)


I took a photo of a construction site.

Baustelle (Construction Site). Gelatin silver prints, tape. 125 x 88 cm. 2017.

_MG_7442 Kopie_print_edited.jpg

I took a photo of a greenhouse.

Glashaus (Greenhouse). Gelatin silver prints, ink, tape. 113 x 87 cm. 2017. Private Collection, USA.


I took a photo of a bench.

Bank (Bench). Gelatin silver prints, gouache, tape. 148 x 101 cm. 2017.

Baustelle. 2017 Glashaus. 2017. Bank. 2017. 

Erdmodelle. Plaster, soil. Each approx. 30 x 30 x 30 cm. 2017.

Installation View (I was told there would be cake, Project Room, Helsinki, 2017)